Why is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

2021 Kia Soul dashboard and front seats

If your Kia’s steering wheel shakes when you’re driving in Mascoutah, you probably need to take a look at your tires. What do your tires have to do with your steering wheel shaking? If your tires are unbalanced they’ll let you know with a vibrating steering wheel that can even travel through your entire car. Take a look at why your steering wheel shakes with Auffenberg Kia, then schedule a service appointment if you notice that your steering wheel shakes.

Why Your Steering Wheel Shakes

Smithton drivers are likely to have a shaking steering wheel for five reasons. While the most common reason your steering wheel shakes comes from the tires, sometimes the shaking originates in other parts of your vehicle. Here are the reasons your steering wheel shakes:

  • Unbalanced wheels: How your car carries its weight has much to do with why your steering wheel shakes. If the weight isn’t evenly distributed when a tire is put on, your car will create a vibration, especially if your car has a lightweight suspension system. Not only is the vibrating an annoyance, but if left unbalanced it can damage your shocks, struts, and other steering components. We can quickly balance your wheels—just make a service appointment.
  • Misalignment: This is similar to unbalanced wheels in that your wheels aren’t quite in the correct position. Accidentally hitting potholes or curbs can cause misalignment to happen sooner than it does naturally. You can also tell if your tires are misaligned because the tread wear will be uneven.
  • Bad bearings: If your Kia steering wheel shakes only when you turn, the bearings are likely the cause. A simple cleaning is usually all it takes, but if the bearings have lacked lubrication long enough to cause damage, you might be looking at a costly repair.
  • Suspension issues: If the driveshaft isn’t balanced or parts of the suspension system are worn or loose, that can make your steering wheel shake. Don’t wait to get these fixed because they can cause more problems if you wait.
  • Brake issues: If the shaking happens when you brake, your brakes could be the source of the problem. Any part of your brake system—pads, rotors, discs, or even worn shocks—can cause shaking. Let us inspect your brake system if you notice shaking when you brake.

Why Your Steering Wheel Clicks When Turning

Shaking isn’t the only issue that can afflict your Kia steering wheel. If you’ve noticed a persistent clicking in your steering wheel when turning, the cause could stem from a range of mechanical issues. Your Kia steering wheel’s clicking sound is most likely the result of:

  • Worn-out ball joints
  • Worn-down brake pads
  • Too little tire tread depth due to worn-out tires
  • Constant-velocity joints in your car’s drive shaft that need to be replaced

Our team is happy to help you figure out why your steering wheel clicks when turning, so schedule service with us today!

Let Auffenberg Kia Figure Out Why Your Steering Wheel is Shaking

We hope this guide helps you understand why your steering wheel is shaking and where to start looking for the cause. An inspection at the Auffenberg Kia service center is the quickest way to get to the bottom of the issue. Or, if you’d like more information on why your steering wheel is shaking, contact us. We’re glad to help!

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